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Woolen and silk hand-made carpets. Indian and Persian rugs.

Welcome to the world of hand-made woolen and silk rugs!

We are glad to help you choose the best purchase of your life time - an exclusive oriental carpet! In our collection of carpets plenty of rugs (hand-made ONLY!) are presented in different shapes, sizes, colours and designs! Moreover, on our web-site you will find a lot of information about how to define the quality of a hand-knotted carpet, including density of knots, colours and material tests and so on. We are also offering you a detailed article explaining the difference between hand-made and machine-made rugs which is so needed these days because of frequent cheating cases in the Middle East.  

If you are not looking for a particular piece yet there is plenty of general information about carpet production and history of Kashmiri carpets to satisfy your curiosity on our site. Enjoy the world of Indian and Persian carpets. An oriental rug is the one thing that can match any kind of room and please the eye more and more every day.

Thank you for visiting our web-site! We hope we can help you buy The Rug.